Thursday, September 16, 2004

Strange place

I'm in a new place.
I don't plan to be here long, in fact I can't be.
It's a room called UNEMPLOYMENT.
It's a place called Bounce-Back-And-Do-It-Quick.
It's one part wake-for-the-dead, one part the-person-in-front-of-you-is-working-a-problem-at-the-blackboard-and-you're-next.

I picked up my guitar today and started writing a new song - no lyrics yet, just chords.
Played it for a friend who said it sounded a little sad.
I took a look at the chords - it goes from minor to major to minor, and ends on an ambiguous "either-or" kinda chord.
Exactly the place I'm in.

I don't mind it so much.
It'll be gone soon.

Saturday, August 28, 2004


Welcome to the humidor!

Feel free to crash in the big leather chairs and have a snack. (Take a cigar, if ya like. The exhaust fan is turned on.)

Musical requests are always welcome. For now, it's Ottmar Liebert and his latin guitar stuff. And the Olympics broadcast is on the bigscreen tv. *grins* Heck, this is the internet, ... might as well make that a 56" PLASMA FLATSCREEN.

*grins, lights up a Padron Anniversary maduro, and watches the track and field thinking, "I could have done that ..." *